Day one

The day started by waking up at two in the morning and trying unsuccessfully to go back to sleep. Hours later, when I was back on the road, it went pretty much like I expected. Driving in circles in downtown Pittsburgh trying to find the parking garage. When that problem was finally solved, arrangements were … More Day one

The night before

I left home around 11:30 this morning, a few hours sooner than I had originally planed. Even so, with several stops because I am not supposed to sit for too long, (the blood clot thing) and slow traffic near Columbus, OH, and two different places nearer Pittsburgh I ended up getting to the motel about … More The night before

A week away

Pre-trip This is a present to myself for somehow, against fairness if not odds, surviving to the 65 milestone. It is a little surprising to me that so many of those I went to school with are no longer around. Many of the ones who have passed away should have outlasted me with ease. And … More A week away