Day Four GAP

Because the temperature got almost too low for the ultra-light down quilt I’m using, I woke up a little earlier than I wanted.
I forgot to mention it in yesterday’s entry, but the night before, someone nearby had apparently put on a fireworks display. From the sound of the grand finale, it must have been something to see.
A disgustingly easy day was planned, about twelve miles to Meyersdale, PA. Because of this, there was no need for an early start. I went down to the river and sat watching the water and wildlife for a while and then went back to camp to start packing everything up.
The first order of business after leaving the campground was to get breakfast. Due to one of my meds, I have to have breakfast, and if there is an opportunity to have something better than what I carry for the purpose – and that isn’t difficult – I will jump on it. With breakfast out of the way, I checked the realtime Amtrak locator, saw the eastbound Capitol Limited would be coming through soon, and found a place to get a good video of it.
It was around 9:00 when I finally got moving.
Even with a number of short breaks, one really long one, and walking the 1,908 foot long Salisbury Viaduct instead of riding it (easier when looking for photo-ops) I was in Meyersdale two hours sooner than I’d planned. I checked out the local museum housed in the old train station, had a quick bite to eat, and set out to locate the B&B.
Tomorrow should include the last miles of the GAP and the first miles of the C&O Towpath. The Towpath is supposedly a lot rougher, but there are many more places to camp.

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