Day eight C&O

Day eight started a lot earlier than planned. A LOT earlier. I’m not sure if I was already awake or the first sounds of what was about to happen woke me. What I do know, is that I was wide awake when the sound of a large tree crashing to the ground was heard. Once … More Day eight C&O

Day seven C&O

Around six this morning I looked out the window of the bathroom and saw drops of water hanging on the power lines. It pretty much set the tone for the day. I gave up waiting for it to stop about 8:15 and headed out on the Western Maryland Railroad trail. Since the trail was paved, … More Day seven C&O

Day six C&O

I was pedaling down the trail by six this morning. One of the reasons for the early start was that a detour was ahead of me that would require pushing the bike up and then down a trail designed for foot travel only. The other was that I was hoping another detour to the town … More Day six C&O

Day five GAP/C&O

I was back on the trail this morning around 7:40. It would have been nice to get started a little earlier but the town of Meyersdale is built on a hillside. A steep hillside. It was necessary to push the bike four or five blocks from the B&B where I stayed. I was also slowed … More Day five GAP/C&O

Day Four GAP

Because the temperature got almost too low for the ultra-light down quilt I’m using, I woke up a little earlier than I wanted. I forgot to mention it in yesterday’s entry, but the night before, someone nearby had apparently put on a fireworks display. From the sound of the grand finale, it must have been … More Day Four GAP

Day three GAP

Sleeping outdoors sans tent has its rewards. Even though I had decided the night before to take a really short day, the trip downhill from the campground and the unpleasant memories of the previous evening started around 6:30. When I was pushing the bike up the hill the day before, the stated quarter mile had … More Day three GAP

Day two GAP

Even with a leisurely pack-up this morning I was pedaling down the trail by seven.Shortly afterwards I passed under I-70. The Appalachian Trail passes over it on a purpose built bridge in Maryland. Now I’ve done both. I took a long break at my intended stopping place for yesterday, Roundbottom Campground, and, after getting back … More Day two GAP